Past Newsletter: June 7th, 2017

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****Education budget is increased; DC Council directs new funds to “restoring” staff and program cuts; But, steps need to be taken to assure that new funds reach schools affected by the cuts

****Thanks for the increase is due to many, on the City Council, among parents and in the advocacy community.

****Community Working Group launched by DCPS to address overcrowding issues—take survey here:
As many of you know, Wilson High School and most of the schools that feed into it are currently either at or well above their enrollment capacities. In coming years, population growth in DC will only increase this problem. DCPS is soliciting views from families and staff about what problems overcrowding creates, and how DCPS might address the problem both in the short-term and over the longer-term. To do this, DCPS is asking people to fill out the following short survey:
In addition to this survey, DCPS has convened a community working group comprised of representatives from staff and families from each Wilson feeder school to offer more detailed feedback. The group is meeting monthly and minutes are being posted on the DCPS Planning website ( If you have input for the group, please email Brian Doyle, the co-chair of the Ward 3 – Wilson Feeder Education Network at

Happy Summer!

Ruth Wattenberg,
Ward 3 Member, State Board of Education