Who I am

A parent, school activist, education reformer, education policy wonk, and 30-year resident of DC, I’m ready to help the State Board set the policies that can make our schools great.

As a parent, I’m familiar with the great strengths of our Ward 3 schools—and the often serious obstacles that these schools face.

  • Two children attended Janney, Deal, and Wilson 2001-2013.  Niece currently attends Hearst.
  • Chaired Deal LSRT (Local School Restructuring Team), representing Deal parents, teachers, administrators and community. 2009-10, a pivotal year in Deal’s transformation.
  • Chaired Janney Spanish committee, formed by parents to bring Spanish language instruction to Janney. 2003-04

On education, I’ve focused on issues critical to Ward 3 and all of DC.

  • Education policy consultant   Conducted projects and research in support of high academic standards and a curriculum rich in history-social studies, science, and the arts. (Current)
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Core Knowledge Foundation, a national organization that advocates for a curriculum rich in history, geography, science, and the arts, starting at the youngest ages. (Current)
  • Editor, American Educator magazine  Edited unique quarterly magazine of ideas, research, and policy published by the American Federation of Teachers, highlighting such issues as the importance of background knowledge; fixing low-performing schools; teaching critical thinking, getting testing right; implementing best practices for reading and school discipline; understanding how students learn.
  • Director, educational issues, American Federation of Teachers   Directed educational issues department and advised national officers, as AFT advocated for rigorous academic standards; launched “What Works” to promote evidence-based education reforms; and built professional development program that put the best research evidence into teachers’ hands.

A DC resident for 30 years, I’ve watched our city evolve from basket case to “coolest” city (Forbes, 8/14). Our continued progress depends on our schools. And, it’s what we owe our kids.

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